federal prison

Christopher Vialva, who was convicted for killing a couple as a teen in 1999, is the seventh federal execution this summer when Trump revived the punishment.
Prosecutors accused Jarrett William Smith of distributing information through social media about building a bomb and making napalm.
Cohen was sent home from prison in May because of the coronavirus pandemic.
A U.S. district judge on Monday delayed what was to be the first federal execution in nearly two decades. The Trump administration will likely appeal the ruling.
Cohen was released from a federal prison in May due to concerns over possible coronavirus exposure.
Inmates incarcerated at the Butner federal prison complex in North Carolina have filed suit, saying federal officials have failed to take action to stop the spread.
"I would like for you to put in bold letters that we do hold the prison responsible for this," the man’s son told The Lens.
Inmates at all 122 federal correctional facilities across the country will no longer be allowed visits from family, friends or attorneys for the next 30 days, in response to the threat of the coronavirus,
With hundreds of cases reported in prisons in China and elsewhere, public health experts worry about a U.S. outbreak.
A bipartisan consensus on prison reform can't kill "tough on crime" politics.