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A bipartisan consensus on prison reform can't kill "tough on crime" politics.
The former "Dance Moms" star reflected on her eight-month stint in federal prison to provide Huffman with some insights.
Mason faces five years in prison for casting a provisional ballot in the 2016 election.
The reality TV star was serving an eight-month sentence in federal prison for tax evasion.
The presidential contender is introducing a bill that also pushes for federal inmates over age 50 to be considered for release.
His release has sparked concerns that he may still harbor radical ideology.
The cause of death for the notorious Boston mob boss was listed as “blunt force injuries of the head" while imprisoned.
It would amount to a virtual life sentence for the former Trump campaign chairman.
The new justice bill would require U.S. prisons to give menstrual hygiene products to inmates for free.
People like Mason with felony convictions can’t vote. Why is that?
Prosecutors say Dustin Hughes left four profane voicemail messages at a Pembroke Pines mosque.
Activists have called for prison strikes to protest working for low or no pay.
The former USA Gymnastics team doctor was reportedly assaulted after he was moved into general population in prison.
"The chaos has not stopped. It's a mess," a union representative said of the prison facility in Victorville, California.
Aaron Sandusky is caged in a federal prison as he serves a 10-year sentence for running a state-legal medical marijuana business.
But communities in this rural Kentucky county are pushing back
Workers at the Bureau of Prisons say it is just a matter of time before the belt-tightening turns deadly.
“Transgender prisoners will unquestionably suffer serious harm if this policy is implemented as written,” the letter says.
In the Trump era, a video on Kim Kardashian's Twitter feed led to the release of Alice Marie Johnson.