Federal Railroad Administration

Railroads also work tirelessly to train first responders. In recent years, through partnerships with the Transportation Technology
Just a little over two months ago, a disastrous oil train derailment occurred in Mosier, Oregon, spilling 47,000 gallons
Every school age child learns that molecules are the basic building block of life. Without them, our world as we know it would not exist.
With America's highways and bridges facing a backlog of $740 billion in repairs, transportation experts agree that the United States -- even with progress made through passage of Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST) in 2015 -- still has a long way to go.
The Association of American Railroads recently launched a new iteration of our Freight Rail Works campaign to bring this
The railroad industry says expensive, complex technology and a slow federal process keep it from becoming safer faster.
In addition, Amtrak must increase its signage along the track that alerts engineers and conductors to the maximum speed. Amtrak
Big Rail has talked a big game to the public about its desire for increased safety measures for its trains carrying oil obtained via hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") in the Bakken Shale. What happens behind closed doors, the meeting logs show, tells another story.
US rail operator Amtrak may have given the term "cattle car" a whole new meaning with the first test of a biodiesel train
High-speed passenger rail service on dedicated tracks along the Interstate 25 and Interstate 70 corridors will cost $22 billion