Federal Security Service

The revelation could spoil a bail deal that the former Trump campaign manager reached with special counsel prosecutors.
Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign reportedly paid for parts of a dossier that detailed accusations about Trump’s ties to Russia.
It’s absolutely damning.
They plan to meet at the at the G20 summit this week.
Western technology companies, including Cisco, IBM and SAP, are acceding to Moscow's demands for access to closely guarded product security secrets.
The twisted tale of a dubious document leaves more questions than answers.
John Brennan left the CIA with "unresolved questions" about whether Russian officials successfully got Americans to work on their behalf.
With the entire nation focused on the Trump-Russia investigation, why is the media ignoring the NRA’s extensive ties to Vladimir Putin’s government?
“An unknown person entered the reception of the FSB’s Khabarovsk regional branch and started shooting."