federalist society

The Federalist Society's Steven Calabresi called the president's threats to delay the election "fascistic."
Sarah Pitlyk has claimed that IVF and surrogacy have “grave effects on society” and lead to “diminished respect for motherhood.”
Demand Justice is accusing the tech firm of helping to rehabilitate the justice and alleged sexual assaulter’s public image.
The attorney general drew backlash after calling Democratic "resistance" against the president a dangerous "holy mission."
The attorney general accused the left of "undermining the rule of law," portraying the legislative branch's oversight as harassment of the president.
Demand Justice set up a massive screen to shame Federalist Society members for honoring the Supreme Court justice accused of sexual assault.
Demonstrators projected video of Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford’s testimony outside of a gala dinner honoring Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Last fall, the Federalist Society leader said no way to the idea of confirming a justice in a presidential election year. Now he's with Mitch McConnell.
Every Democrat opposed Trump nominee Allison Jones Rushing, who is going to be a federal judge for a long, long time.
Kellyanne Conway's husband hopes to provide a check on the Trump administration with more than a dozen other conservative lawyers.