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Last fall, the Federalist Society leader said no way to the idea of confirming a justice in a presidential election year. Now he's with Mitch McConnell.
Every Democrat opposed Trump nominee Allison Jones Rushing, who is going to be a federal judge for a long, long time.
Kellyanne Conway's husband hopes to provide a check on the Trump administration with more than a dozen other conservative lawyers.
"I call upon you to repent," said one protester after reciting a Bible verse during the attorney general's speech.
For all his talk about battling the “establishment,” Trump has tapped two establishment Republicans for the Supreme Court.
The conservative project manufactures elite domination.
Progressive Christians fear that a right-tilting Supreme Court could cause the country to retreat from progress on ensuring equality for all.
Leonard Leo says it's "a scare tactic" to say they'd axe the landmark abortion rights decision.
The Federalist Society leader has helped put three conservative justices onto the court. He's about to get a fourth.
During his last week as Oklahoma’s attorney general, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt requested
First published on The Boston Globe. Why do pro-Trump conservatives ignore his transcendent unfitness? Because he is creating
The attorney general's joking followed a congressional grilling for apparent discrepancies in his stories about Trump campaign contacts with Russians.
Like John Roberts before him, Neil Gorusch is a dedicated champion of a right-wing, pro-corporate agenda.
It's easy to imagine an alternate universe where Neil Gorsuch became a Never Trumper.
ExxonMobil officials may hem and haw when reporters ask them if the company still funds climate science denier organizations, but the numbers don't lie.
Yet, Cruz last year had a superb spot on illegal immigrants. It didn't involve Cruz directly, but it was creative and memorable