Feed the Children

It's summertime, and with summer break comes the laughter of carefree children in many neighborhoods... But not all of them. When the final school bell rings, millions of kids head home to empty refrigerators.
DonorsChoose.org After the tornado devastated schools in Oklahoma and displaced almost 10,000 people, public school teachers
We are under no illusions about the pace of recovery. The damage is great: after these violent storms, more than 8,000 individuals have registered with FEMA for relief. Eleven weeks later we have collected less than one percent of the estimated $2 billion in losses among our community.
For deployed troops who like to dive into a thriller during their downtime, bestselling-author James Patterson is shipping
It's a dire situation for children worldwide. Oxfam Support Oxfam's new program Grow, which fights for a world in which everyone
Peterson's All Day Foundation, a nonprofit that supports programming for at-risk kids worldwide, has joined forces with a
The Salvation Army is ready to provide food, drinks, spiritual and emotional care to emergency responders and survivors between
"A lot of donors assume that if a charity files with the IRS then that means the charity is legitimate," said AIP analyst