feeding frenzy

I make my living creating, enhancing and protecting brand reputations. That said, the ability of politicians and celebrities to reinvent themselves and make successful comebacks to public life never ceases to amaze me.
That's just what happened recently on a North Carolina beach. What's more terrifying than seeing a shark? How about standing
While it is true that the internet lives forever, so does an individual's legacy. While the public may act as judge and jury during a media firestorm, the person who has been through the storm has the ability to chart his or her path to redemption.
Remarkable video shot north of the Australian city of Perth shows approximately 50 sharks engaged in a feeding frenzy. Check
But the most potentially divisive revelations are Mansour's repeated criticisms of Bristol Palin: "There were so many more
There is something truly amazing about a sign touting "Doorbuster!" sales that shows how quickly we forget, how callous we can be, and the level of incompetence at JCPenney.
    Access is the coin of the realm in media types who cover campaigns. "Journalists" are careful not to write stories too