Feeding tube

While I realize this all sounds horribly vain, that an appearance can't possibly make someone truly feel "better," the reality
While I may not get as many years as I was hoping for in this life, I feel my very soul has lived a thousand years. This old soul, enlightened well beyond my 23 years, finally understands the true beauty in life.
My personal motto is never be ashamed of something that keeps you alive. That's what I've stuck with. My tubes are my lifeline and without them I would literally drop dead.
Micah and Zachary needed my milk and my presence. I would not sacrifice either to make anyone, including myself, comfortable. Feeding tubes and bottles are not how I planned to nourish my babies, but the important thing is that they received my milk and all of my love.
"How old are you?" she asks Patti. "Oh c'mon," she says. "Can't you tell?" "I used to go to the U.S. Open when it was in
Head over to ABCNews.com for the full story. "I miss mac and cheese and chicken fingers and salads and broccoli," she told
The recent news about a new diet fad among brides-to-be has generated a flood of headlines and outrage.
Are these people sick? Are they dying? Are they toothless and limbless and cannot feed themselves without spilling hot soup onto the rug? Are they Lady Gaga? No, they are not. What they're doing, of course, is taking part in a radical new diet. You know, for morons.
While quickie solutions might sometimes be "quick," they aren't always "solutions." If something sounds too weird, too wacky and too outlandish, take the hint and try dieting the old-fashioned way. Your health -- and your body -- will thank you for it.