feel the bern

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow. I know it’s not what you wanted.
Yet with the recognition that Bernie Sanders accomplished these great heights comes the acknowledgement that he lost. By
If the United States electoral system seems a little convoluted to you, you're not the only one.
I could list hundreds of reasons why we should all vote for Bernie, why he is the only candidate. However, I know most of
I can now say I have felt the Bern, from beginning to end. I have seen how the Bernie revolution began and I have also seen it entering the homestretch of campaigning during the primary season, one short week before California and a few other states become the last to vote.
The Sanders campaign is mounting a last ditch effort to persuade most of the 712 super-delegates (541 of whom have already declared for Clinton) to reconsider, on the premise that Sanders has the better shot at beating Trump. They're increasingly in a go-for-broke mood. Many Sanders supporters are far more militant than Sanders himself, and some are openly expressing the hope that Clinton will be indicted for some aspect of the email dust up. That seems highly improbable. However, Clinton has been unable to catch a break. The theme of her campaign has been experience and competence, but her improper use of a private email server suggested neither. It gives Trump a huge opening to challenge her honesty and probably signals a further decline in voter trust in Clinton.
The Bernie Sanders campaign is the only thing going in 2016 that's giving oxygen to American democracy currently drowning in an ocean of corporate money.
It has now become clear that the vast majority of younger voters not only support Bernie Sanders for president, but enthusiastically so. Large numbers of young people have been energized by Bernie's message of ending corruption in politics and bringing about real progressive change.
Talking to friends and meeting new people in the movement, you realize Bernie's campaign is amazing, based on equality, democracy and optimism -- and that it's one of the best political things that has come along in your lifetime. You're feeling the Bern now, and it's marvelous.
It is Sen. Sanders' recognition of the deplorable conditions on tribal reservations that has led him to become the first presidential candidate to actively involve Native Americans in his campaign.
If Bernie Sanders wins 57% of the remaining pledged delegates, he will surpass Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and be well positioned to ask the superdelegates to transfer their support over to him, as they did for Obama in 2008. But what if the superdelegates don't switch this time?
In the wake of Bernie's big victories, Michael McCrudden is back to educate us on the man's life before he begins his steepest climb yet.
Democratic voters are far more intent upon making sure a Democrat wins the general election than they are on making sure Hillary Clinton is that Democrat. If, through their social media, voters in remaining states learn that a Clinton nomination is far more likely to make their nightmare of a Trump presidency a reality, millions could desert Hillary on primary day.
Standing at the voting booth I take a moment to stare at the screen. Up to the last minute I'm still deciding who I should vote for. My first time voting in a presidential election, my first primary. A historical vote in my life and in a historical election.
I am an unabashed supporter of Bernie Sanders. This is not something I hide. That being said, the issue facing the Democrats that will be an even larger issue in November is low voter turn out.
Do you believe Trump cares about making America great again? Purely based on his actions, he's only interested in furthering his own interests. Actions speak louder than words, remember?
Secretary Clinton has hewed to telling us all what is possible and what's realistic. She is already acting as if she has the job. But she is forgetting that to actually win the position, it takes more than feasibility. It takes inspiration.
If we were to be honest, we would describe Mr. Trump as a reflection of ourselves; not only of those who agree with his statements, both openly and behind closed doors, but of the apathy of those in all parties who know better and refuse to speak up.
Bernie Sanders was not supposed to win the Michigan primary, but he did. Despite all odds, predications, pundits and polling, Sanders won the single most delegate rich state since Texas.
I have been blessed in my life to have had good friends of different races, religions, and nationalities. However, if I truly