feeling stuck

Nely Galán, the author of Self Made, reveals a new way to turn your career -- and sense of possibility—around.
With each action step you take, your vision will get sharper, your days will be more joyous, and your creations will better showcase the true you. Remember that you're on a journey of discovery, and it's the journey that is the juiciest part (not the destination).
Your empathy tank is low for those closest to you. Suddenly you feel as much empathy for them as you would your common criminal
How can you get back on track? It's difficult to know your own truths, but that has to happen first.
If you need to see some progress now, look back six months ago and notice how far you've come. Recognize and celebrate even the smallest successes.  You'll find that you are further along than you thought!
Here are my tips on what YOU could do to create your happy moments... (And I promise, there is no need to go to the other end of the world for that, you can as easily re-create the same experience at home.)
Sometimes you feel like you're on the edge of something big. You feel like the next phase of your life is so close but you're stuck. You start thinking if you could only figure out what to change, then you'd charge over the line, but you have no idea what that is.
Every time I hear the word "should" I cringe, knowing the havoc it is likely wreaking in someone's life. The word focuses the quest for answers outwardly, while understanding what we want focuses it inwardly. It is inside where the most truthful and satisfying answers are to be found.
Even when I was making $200 a year, I considered myself a success. I was more lost than I'd ever been, sure, but I was in a more honest place than I had ever been also. I might have had to re-learn how to live, but I was also learning for the first time what it meant to be alive.
Whether you are procrastinating out of fear of disappointment, the unknown, or something else entirely, it's time to stop