But therein lies the problem. Those insisting that I'm jeopardizing this country by not supporting Hillary Clinton are asking
All is not lost, and your "revolution" is as strong as ever. If you play this right, it will keep growing. We have the power to take this country back, in a real, and sustained way. The problem here is, that Mr. Sanders isn't leading your revolution.
Jerry and I have been Bernie's constituents in Vermont for 35 years. We've seen him in action. We've the seen his consistency, his passion, and his integrity in working for low and middle-income people--especially those who have been marginalized and discriminated against.
Yes. Sometimes I still am asking myself that question. You know because I wasn't expecting to be as involved and sacrificing
We finished our dinner and made an unspoken vow not to talk politics again during this cycle. That said, 2016 is a unique
7. Nix the aggressive realism talk. We get it. Older folks have seen a thing or two and don't want to waste time making old
Talking to friends and meeting new people in the movement, you realize Bernie's campaign is amazing, based on equality, democracy and optimism -- and that it's one of the best political things that has come along in your lifetime. You're feeling the Bern now, and it's marvelous.
Consider too that all of the following questions can be raised by a Republican opponent in the general election come November.
Susan Sarandon did a beautiful thing in an interview with Chris Hayes last night. Not only did she refuse to play along with a dominant mainstream media narrative, she artfully deconstructed a blind spot of privilege from which the 'lesser of two evils' argument claims power.
At first I figured Hillary would be my candidate all the way. I mean, go first woman president! and all. And who's more qualified, right? But, very quickly, very easily, Bernie won me over. His authenticity, his passion, his commitment to economic justice? Well, geez: he's a total yogi.