Beverly Hills 90120 A nice mid-western family moves to a wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood and twins Brandon and Brenda
A pit-bull puppy named Felicity that was branded with the "f-word" by chemical burns had cosmetic surgery in Kentucky on
If they were at all true to my generation, Topanga, Cory and Shawn would be in a polyamorous relationship. They would all still be living with their parents, Topanga would be the only one who was employed -- and she would be the one who was a teacher (not Cory).
3. Urkel, "Family Matters" 11. Lindsay Weir, "Freaks And Geeks" 13. Felicity Porter, "Felicity" 15. Lizzie McGuire, "Lizzie
"Saved by the Bell" pretty much defined Saturday mornings. You wanted to be Cher Horowitz (or at least, have her wardrobe
"It captured the zeitgeist in way that I think spoke to a lot of people," Foley told HuffPost TV at a recent "Scandal" event
1. With enough persistence, you can make the emotionally unavailable bad boy fall in love with you. Fifteen years ago, Felicity
Generally, when the show introduces these mysteries, it takes a while for things to resolve themselves -- how long will it
After trying to woo Jessica by showing her how easy it is for him to carry a giant bag of fertilizer, his little sister Morgan
If "Argo" gave you a yen to see great character actors wear mustard-colored clothing and play beleaguered intelligence types, you should definitely give "The Americans" a sustained try.
Now that J.J. Abrams has officially taken over the director's chair for "Star Wars: Episode VII," we have two years to speculate
Speedman's role as XO Sam Kendal on the ABC drama is his first TV role in a decade, and the actor told Playboy that portraying