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Below, more updates from Davos: Financial journalist Felix Salmon weighed in on the U.S.'s "rather crazy tax policy" during
I've tried every explanation out in trying to figure out what Salmon is thinking and none of them make sense, except that he's either ten steps ahead of us, has been abducted and replaced, or has joined a cult.
The Macy's Corporation may soon be remembered more for the political machinations of its CEO than for the wholesome fun of its parades. This year Macy's is putting its corporate resources behind another over-hyped and over-reported spectacle.
And in case you did buy the Falls Church ticket -- for you it's not only a way not to fantasize about escaping your current
In the name of progress, enabling technologies have been allowed to corrupt the legitimate purpose of equity trading. Unfortunately, our financial system no longer distinguishes between means and ends.
It worked! Kinda. I took Matthew Bishop's challenge, and tried to spend a gram of gold like I would any other currency. And
If moving your money to a credit union won't make Bank of America or Wells Fargo small enough to fail, it is a rational consumer decision. Making the switch may not be a revolutionary act, but it will certainly make your life easier.
Are we better or worse off economically, socially and politically with shareholders in that pre-eminent a role? Is there a balance point? Have we, in a world of activist hedge funds and high-frequency trading, overshot that point?
Have you bought your lottery ticket yet? The jackpot’s up to $241 million! An interesting thing happens, when the jackpot
Business journalists could write about the lead-up to the financial crisis only after it had happened, Salmon said. The panel
"We're webbier about things and nimbler," he added. By giving Adler a mandate to make big moves, Reuters may hope to avoid
The idea of using toys to describe Europe's complicated situation isn't original to Salmon. Earlier this month, JPMorgan
Technical economists, for all their credentials ,tend to be viewed by the political classes as annoying carpers, overeducated intellectuals without a clue of the real world.
Felix Salmon has been continuing his discussion of companies avoiding public listings to stay private. I posted on this when
We used a five-point grading process to evaluate the administration's reported proposal. Does the punishment fit the crime?
It seems the wise thing to do is to resist enthusiasm for any new innovation. That's not to say that technological bubbles will not emerge. But why encourage a very dangerous process?
THE stock market has been big news in recent days. Last week's report that Deutsche Börse, a giant German exchange, intends