“We are using a bazooka to go after a housefly here,” a Democratic lawmaker said after the Republican-led assembly approved the measure.
When states fail to recognize strangulation as a precursor to domestic homicide, the results can be fatal.
2012-11-13-jrlogo300x60.gif Convicted of felonies and returning to the community from prison, our clients have faced almost insurmountable odds. Now they're choosing to live right, and they constitute one of the most motivated job applicant pools you will ever find. This is their time; today is their day.
In a town council meeting Tuesday night, Smithfield, North Carolina Police Chief Michael Scott will ask officials to let
Though it may be difficult to distinguish pardon winners and losers, there is a pattern to who gets pardons these days, P.S
Matt Cook, the Colorado Department of Revenue director responsible for ensuring that marijuana center owners meet the new
DENVER - More than half of the medical marijuana center owners in Colorado have criminal arrest or conviction records for
Pfizer and Lilly lead a parade of U.S. companies that have paid $7 billion in penalties after promoting drugs for uses not