felony disenfranchisement

“My focus is tearing down the system of mass incarceration," the Democratic candidate said, so fewer people are behind bars.
Bernie Sanders is the only 2020 candidate so far to say unequivocally that incarcerated people should be able to vote.
Sen. Bernie Sanders has called for those behind bars to vote. Other presidential candidates are more tepid.
Several candidates said voting rights should be restored to people released from prison. None said they support the right of felons to vote while incarcerated.
A bill in the legislature makes it too difficult for people to become eligible to vote, according to voting rights advocates.
Florida had one of the harshest policies when it came to stripping voting rights from people convicted of felonies. That changes Tuesday.
Individuals with previous felony convictions have to face a maze of complicated policies to figure out if they can vote. Getting it wrong can land them in prison.
More than six million citizens will be handcuffed from casting a vote this November.
Maurice had lost his voting rights when he was incarcerated. Once he had served his time and returned to our community from prison, he fought passionately to have his rights restored. For Maurice, regaining freedom and regaining the right to vote went hand-in-hand.