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You may call it a side job, gig, or hustle -- but the work that artists do alongside their primary creative endeavor has an important role to play in our culture. Why? Because those sources of income are the main funders of the arts in this country.
Brooklyn-based artist Frances Waite wants to turn your nude selfies into art.
Anne Patterson and I stepped into the darkened former Perry Street Theater. "Does your iPhone have a flashlight?" she asked. "Wait until you see the light and shadows," Anne beamed. She waved the point of light against one of her latest works, constructed of aluminum and steel.
Facebook Depressing news in the art world today. Curator Maura Reilly posted a "report card" on Facebook, a tally of art
The Outsider Art Fair is coming to New York on January 29, bringing 50 international galleries of folk, self-taught, and
"I happened to listen to Tammy Wynettes 'Stand By Your Man' in the early stages of development," Scholl explained to The
When I sat down with singer-songwriter Macy Gray in the private Barrel Room of City Winery just before her performance there, I was reminded of what it means to be a one-of-a-kind.
Although there's not much scientific evidence to support this claim, space and time seem to operate a bit differently in
For more feminist craft, check out Mo Morgan's embroidered mantras here. "As a person of mixed race, while growing up I found
"Sons of the Pioneers" runs until March 15, 2014 at P.P.O.W. in New York. Man in Tall Grass Beachsitter Gardeners Self Portrait
Self Portrait Slaying a Rooster after Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith Slaying Holofernes, 2012 In "The Birth of Tragedy", for
Untitled (frill) 2013 Brooklyn-based artist Jessica Stoller is exploring the bizarre lore of women's bodies in her deliciously
This fall I'm tickled to death, and hopefully to immortality, to be represented in a showstopping embroidery portrait of me as the Amazonian Statue of the Republic from the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Artist Rebecca Levi, takes painstaking care with the entire process.
In a portrait of her Grandpa Mario, for example, Catrambone reveals an old telephone, eyeglasses, cigarette papers, a stapler
So whether you love the Titian-esque apsects of her technique or the biting satire of her subject matter, don't forget to
The billboard is located at Peralta and 36th St, in case any Californians want to head over and take a look. The public art
Moki was raised in a small town in Germany surrounded by the woods, allowing her youthful imagination to run wild. The artist
The women we look up to in the arts -- from New York City Ballet's Wendy Whelan soaring above the stage at Lincoln Center to action hero Elizabeth Streb scaling a building in London -- have their own inspiring heroines, some famous and others less known.