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Prior to Women Who Code, Alaina worked at PUMA's headquarters in Germany, as well as Riviera Partners and Snip.it, acquired by Yahoo. Alaina is also a CodePath Advisor. She loves chocolate and has visited more than 60 countries.
4. A sense of urgency. A good leader is kind of like a fireman. As a leader, if a building is burning, you "pack up" and
Publishers, we've done this to ourselves. The big jackpot has been awarded, and we did not win. Who did? Facebook, Google
1. Be intentional. Networking should always be done with an intention, and not just to collect business cards and be seen
This platform doesn't just help establish your reputation; it also enables you to be less wishy-washy as a leader because
Kevin O'Leary and Sara Margulis talk female CEOs, the Shark Tank Effect, and more
Take your vacation days. Take your weekends off. Let yourself be bored. Walk somewhere without talking to anyone. Go fishing. Play golf alone. Pay attention to everything and nothing.
While in Amsterdam, I also announced the Earth Gratitude Wave! It's exciting to see the response it's gotten so far. There
Personalization in the magazine industry is not a new idea. I remember someone coming up with it at an offsite meeting in the early 1990s. Why has it taken us all so long?
  2. The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally