Female CEOs

As I mentioned in a previous Huffington Post piece, I recently had my first child. As the CEO of a startup, I felt that everything I had learned along the entrepreneurial way would make for an easier transition into parenthood. What I wasn't expecting was just how much being a parent would positively impact my business. Here are five things I have learned as a parent that have helped me better my business:
The womb is not just an anatomical place where human conception takes place. It is the energetic environment of the imagination
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Similarly, I encountered an off-the-beaten-path approach to leadership when I challenged her to name someone who most influenced
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And yet from the minute we received our SEC approval to manage clients' assets, I became our chief salesperson. And it turns
For a lot of women in this country, the status quo means trying to earn enough for your family while spending less and less time with them. It means living paycheck to paycheck while praying you don't get sick. The political classes of both parties have failed women and working families in this country.