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The actress says that's the reason she tends to avoid films set in contemporary times.
Arya is adventurous, non-judgemental, and independent. She rejects the restricting societal norms that encompass her world
“Carrie Pilby” – a film written, directed and produced by women – is a character study of a quirky 19-year-old girl. And that, critics say, is its biggest fault.
"You parody something because you love it. We love female comedies so, so, so much."
In honor of Rayna James and Deacon Claiborne's wedding this week on ABC's hit country musical TV Show, Nashville, I want
When a system is overthrown or destroyed, it forces new ways of thinking and behaving to rise up, and post-apocalyptic fiction explores the collapse of our familiar reality to create a different, often unruly one.
That this category continues to thrive, and to spawn essays and blog posts -- including this one! -- points directly to the underlying problem: We are issuing prescriptive dos and don'ts about the depiction of women as if they are a separate, exotic species.
When a female character is given full license to explore the boundaries of her humanity -- in all directions -- she represents pure possibility for the women on the other side of the screen or the page, consuming the story.