My experience has been that so many women are making so many incredible comics these days, and it is a constant thrill being
How, if at all, do you think California influenced your artistic style? The SoCal based artist is most well-known for her
NYC on New Year's is a nightmare. First off, there's the amateur drunks, LOTS OF THEM. It's like these people never drank alcohol before. So much vomit on the street the next day AND in such pretty colors.
I have been a standup comedian since the fall of 1980. Back then, it was a novelty to be one. Hell, no one really understood what a standup comic was. And the only women hugely successful at that time were Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers. My how times have changed.
In honor of International Women's Day and the upcoming Women In Comedy Festival in Boston, we wanted to put together a list