Female journalists

Warner Bros. said it will defend against the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s claims that the film is "defamatory" for portraying its former journalist as offering sex to sources.
“I was like, ‘Holy shit. This is how it is in news, and it is not for me.’”
One journalist told HuffPost that Hazen mimicked his favorite sex act while having lunch with employees.
The 16 women are speaking out after Corey Lewandowski was charged with battery.
"You've gained too much weight," wrote one viewer to a Chicago reporter.
Four years after the Arab Spring, is it still possible to imagine that an ultra-repressive regime is the best defense against instability? Must we turn a blind eye to this regime's human rights violations because of its "secular" nature?
Saturday Night Live comedian Cecily Strong, 31, is the fourth female featured solo entertainer at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, on Saturday, April 25. Considered one of the top gigs in the comedy business, the annual roast of the president and politicians is considered Washington's equivalent to the Oscars and called the "Nerd Prom."