female leaders

This is a HUGE topic that many women contemplate and fear dearly.
The Other Festival makes up for the lack of gender inclusion in the festival circuit.
1. Be intentional. Networking should always be done with an intention, and not just to collect business cards and be seen
As lady bosses, we sometimes find ourselves struggling trying to fit our voluptuous brains into a rigid, traditional business model that was never designed by or for women to begin with. My answer to this? Reject the model.
I attended the pilot retreat, along with eight other women in Boonville, Calif. One could describe the retreat with words like connection, reflection, sun-brushed hillsides and fireside conversations... But I would just use the word magic.
We need girls and boys to see women leaders and heroes as the norm. Although they are few, the three heroines I have in mind are powerful examples of female leadership. So who are these three fictional heroines and what what can they teach current and future female leaders?
Why so much activity stirring around the boundaries of gender? And why now? As cultural insight mavens, we see something fundamental taking place. Some people are calling it the Fourth Wave of feminism. Fed up with everyday sexism and forged by other forms of activism, women are empowered by social media and other communications technologies.
Shortly after, Ott launched an internal investigation and placed Snipes on administrative leave. The full results of the
Allen suggested that, given the rise in female leadership and the influence of leading female political figures like Democratic
As the long election campaign in the United States begins to grind into motion, there is a greater chance than ever before