female leadership

Her passion doesn't crudely reach for the gut. It reads like a diamond formed out of effervescent heat to forge an endlessly
This is a HUGE topic that many women contemplate and fear dearly.
I sold my gold earrings to pay for the first year of university in Phnom Penh. Read more stories in the “From where I stand
Because this money is energy -- and by us opening up to receive it, and believing in the value of our individual gifts, we are shifting that energy.
Perform organization-wide pay audits. Men are offered a higher salary than women for the same position 69% of the time. This
Female leadership at the bank is below the national average.
This past week, the SHAMBAUGH team and I had the good fortune of leading a global female leadership program. In this intensive three-day event, we covered 21st Century Leadership Trends as well as a vast array of timely and relevant topics from Leading Change, Communicating with Impact, Strategic Leadership, and Developing Strategic Relationships.
As you find yourself in a sea of holiday lights, making toasts at cocktail parties, and exchanging warm sentiments, I encourage you to share a gift that has far more intrinsic value than any other. Give the gift of mentorship, or ask someone you admire to mentor you.
As lady bosses, we sometimes find ourselves struggling trying to fit our voluptuous brains into a rigid, traditional business model that was never designed by or for women to begin with. My answer to this? Reject the model.