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I've Laid with the Devil, Cursed God Above, Forsaken Heaven, To Bring You My Love. Entering the grown-up phase of being an
She reintroduces us to a time in pop-culture when the diary-style lyrics of everyone from Riot Grrrl musicians to Lilith Fair acts were allowed to enter the mainstream and take even the most macho radio listeners on catchy journeys into young women's most private moments and thoughts.
Belgrade, Serbia is not known for being a city that churns out blues musicians. But this is in fact where a young Ana Popovic was introduced to the blues and the guitar. Jump to twenty years later and she is one of the most popular female blues guitar players in the world.
"It's always been and still is a male-dominated field."
Finding treasure feels great, and such is the case with musician Sarah McQuaid. The soulful singer, smart and sensuous songwriter, and scintillating guitarist has been hidden in plain sight with three gorgeous solo albums.
Oh, you're not goin' anywhere, Miz Joni. I mean that. She just can't. I mean, the woman reads my mind. In fact, all my life, I've felt like Joni Mitchell was reading my diaries. And my dreams. And was telling me the truths I didn't want to admit.
2. Self-Sufficiency Is Important The 1990s taught us a lot of things -- that flannel is the world's most coveted fabric, that
Ex-Situ Series with Maja S.K. Ratkje: July 7 'What I did was determine the function of the sound and place it within the
The jazz world is a boys' club. How would I continue to play the music I loved while being a radical lesbian feminist? How was I supposed to be one of the boys when I was realizing how powerful I felt as a woman? I began to feel oppressed while on the road playing the music I loved.
What has me severely troubled is this incessant need to compare two artists just because they share a gender. Society should not be filing "woman" as a category in which to analyze and critique artists: music is purely music.
One of the best things about the Portland/DC-based band Wild Flag is their amazing interpersonal dynamic and chemistry. This