Female Orgasms

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Whether you're alone or with a partner -- orgasms are simply good for the soul. Here's how to make them even more pleasurable
7. Ten percent of women report achieving orgasm through exercise. Now there's an incentive to go to the gym. 8. The vaginal
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While women are becoming equal partners in our hookup culture, they are less likely to climax during casual sex, according to recent research. How can men and women work harder to achieve pleasure parity?
Understanding why some women fake orgasm as a method of avoidance while others fake orgasm to make their sex life more fun is important. These are factors that may have a significant impact on women's self-esteem and romantic relationships.
Why do women have orgasms? Most of the time, I'm so occupied with answering questions about why some women don't have orgasms that I rarely stop to think about why women do have orgasms. It's a good question, really.
Faking has little to do with wanting to please the dude/get his approval/boost his ego, and everything to do with your anatomy