female photographers

In the midst of a sexual harassment revolution, female photographers are finding ways to infuse a historically fraught (and male-dominated) tradition with empathy.
Refinery 29's Cris Fragkou says the shove knocked her to her knees.
I haven't read "Frantumaglia" yet, but, damn, the cover is powerful in itself.
Patricia Willocq's photos communicate the profound beauty in difference.
The love story of photographer Mary Ellen Mark and her muse, Tiny.
"I hope viewers see their own mother, or all mothers, in a new light," Anna Ogier-Bloomer explains.
Photographer Joana Choumali resolved to document young, contemporary African women and their relationships to past generations.
"A bad gal is free to define themselves as long as it doesn't cut down or oppress another bad gal." Amen.
Rachel Cox set out to forge a connection with her grandmother, through photography, before it was too late.