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Capt. Rosemary Mariner, one of the first female jet pilots, died last week of ovarian cancer.
The pilot who calmly landed a stricken airliner this week is one of many women who have owned the skies.
The combination of limiting the amount of (unpaid) maternity leave we can take and not making accommodations for us to pump breast milk once we return to work puts new mothers in a heart-wrenching position.
America's two million female veterans are looking toward the future, and many are improving their employment opportunities by enrolling in courses. What issues do women veterans confront when they return to school?
Seventy-seven years after iconic aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared while attempting to circumnavigate the globe, a woman
The best thing is to recognize it, not ignore it and confront it gracefully. I believe the best way to do that is by pushing forward to accomplish your personal goals in spite of these backward-looking opinions. And there's one more thing we can do... apply an effective anecdote.
Ten years after that first flight, 31-year-old Earhart is planning to recreate her namesake's failed flight around the equator
To learn more, watch the full segment HERE. “A lot of men are scared of Type A women,” says Rani Spivey, Pilot and Aeronautical
If a woman's flying a plane, would you get off? But of the people polled, those who did not trust a male pilot cited their
Meeks attended flight school in 1993 and was trained by the U.S. Army. She dabbled in military intelligence, was an army
2012-05-14-Screenshot20120514at4.57.48PM.jpgLittle did I know at that time that by choosing to fly combat jets I was giving up my rights to privacy and the right to defend my reputation.
An airline spokesman responded that there was a "mentally unsound" passenger on the plane. A Mumbai-bound IndiGo airlines