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“Even when ostensibly elevating women, Francis reveals a highly patriarchal view of where their value lies,” they wrote. “Repeatedly
It’s been 40 years since the Episcopal Church first ordained women, and other denominations have long included women in their
Betty Bone Schiess “My goal was not to be a priest, it was to change the church.” Born: April 2, 1923 After ordination: Chaplain
Kate Kelly joins HuffPost Live to talk about why she's determined to remain a member of the Mormon Church.
Judy Dushku joins Caroline to express her opinion that the Church shouldn't be able to dictate its attitudes towards marriage.
At a time when there is much discussion about the role of women in the Christian Church, one cardinal demonstrated the power
Even if true, and the Pope were actually trying to make significant change, you don't get an "E" for effort in real life. Time's award is meant to note significant impact, not good intent. But worse, the Pope has not actually shown good intent, only good media skill.
Appointing women as cardinals might be one way to do that — or the debate could provide cover for other, more realistic but
"The church does not have the authority to change her doctrine on the Sacrament of Holy Orders, which has been passed down
The key to achieving the reform so desperately needed by both Catholic and Protestant churches was right under Pope Francis' nose the moment he stepped out on the Vatican balcony. Clues can be found in a cloud of pink smoke and in the legacy of his patron saint, Francis of Assisi.
“I am a seasoned daughter and believer in the Catholic faith,” Sevre-Duszynska said in March 2012 at a screening of the film
The Catholic church is the biggest religion in the world, but can seem outdated. One reason is the refusal to allow female priests. Is there a change on the horizon?
When editor Gloria Steinem invited a male to write a cover story for Ms. magazine, I was him.
The Kansas City, Mo.-based newspaper's editorial pits it directly against the Vatican, where church leadership has strongly
They had never met each other and had little idea beyond fragments of stereotypes of each other's faith. But a panel, "Catholic/Mormon Dialogue on Women's Ordination," brought them together.
How timely, that it coincides with an era in which women are being ordained right and left, despite what the Catholic Church says about not ordaining women. Their reason was always because Jesus had no female disciples -- but this blows that idea out of the water.
Christian baptism means complete, not partial, church membership. Any kind of churchly caste system is on the shakiest theological grounds. A baptized Christian is equal to any other baptized Christian as a member of the Body of Christ.
I remember telling a vacation bible school teacher that "I was trying to decide between being a minister or a jet pilot." She smiled and said, "Well, girls can be jet pilots, but God only calls men to preach."
Since Father Roy will be in Archbishop Timothy Dolan's own backyard, I thought a comment was in order.
The Catholic Church on Thursday revised its in-house rules on sex abuse cases, extending the statute of limitations for such