female rappers

Cardi B just became the first solo female rapper to top the Billboard Hot 100 since 1998.
When she said "My sex drive all night like a trucker," I was repeating each lyric the way I still do today. Take into account
Her 2012 release, Roxx Boxx Experience, received critical acclaim as the ultimate funk mash-up of hip-hop and rock, and featured
Women "have it harder to break in this day and age," the producer said.
"It's very powerful and it's empowering," she adds. Though Lyte has now found a community of supportive women (Faith Evans
The established rappers who have a beef with I.G.G.Y. should probably get off of Twitter and get back into the studio. Let's see if you can outshine or outsell Ms. Azalea. If you sound off about another rapper, you should be able to back it up with a gold record.
How can a woman best-known for pop hits be the new hip-hop record holder?
Azalea has seeped into the collective unconscious by riding the coattails of other artists, adopting an accent not her own to rap, and certainly taken generously from African American and hip hop culture to her extreme advantage.
I'm still applying these new discoveries myself and learning everyday from them, so I can make no guarantees, but my hope is that this helps a next generation of conscious artists trying to let their voices be heard.