female roles

You won't find "common" or "flat" female characters on the show.
"We're in a space where women from an early age people are realizing there's a big story to tell there and there are a lot
Jessica Chastain is the latest actress to speak out against the lack of female roles in Hollywood. In a recent round of press
One man said, "Would you rather keep the Oscar statue or get a blow job from any actress in the first three rows?"
It's hard to decide when the James Bond franchise hit bottom (before being resuscitated by Daniel Craig in the 2006 remake
In an interview, cartoonist Alison Bechdel reveals she also watches "Sex and the City" on loop, and discusses how difficult
Every morning as I walk my daughters to school, I pass a billboard advertising a new sitcom on ABC. Alongside a close-up
Simply finding a movie with a single interesting female role can feel like a major discovery. But stumbling upon a film with