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Euphoria by Lily King Participating in a love triangle during an anthropological study isn't exactly the best way to remain
"Pierre Curie, married and proud father of two, found time for love and family during his short scientific career."
Professor Tim Hunt, a knighted and Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, resigned from his position at University College London after making inappropriate, sexist comments about women scientists at a conference in Seoul, South Korea.
I realize that Sir Tim Hunt probably thought he was being light-hearted or funny, but in a world where women still face real discrimination in science it is spectacularly inappropriate for someone so prominent to say the things he has said.
Tim Hunt, 72, was reported to have told a delegates at a conference in Seoul, South Korea, on Monday: "Let me tell you about
After asserting that female scientists should be segregated from their male peers because they distract them, fall in love
11. In 2014, Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani became the first woman to win the Fields Medal, often referred to as
Scroll below to see #girlswithtoys tweets. The #girlswithtoys campaign is stunning, powerful and will make you want to bust
Some of history's unsung innovators get their due in the new book Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science -- and the World
In April I asked a group of sixth graders from Beaufort Middle School in North Carolina, "Do I look like a scientist to you?" A young boy sitting in the corner of the room loudly answered, "Uh, yeah. Why not?"
Having graduated from a women's college with a degree in biology, I thought it would be fun to see what my fellow STEM sisters are doing this summer.
We fixate on the minutiae of score-keeping and numbers-balancing, of how much pink vs. blue, of how the evil patriarchy is ruining girls' lives, while we ignore the forest for the trees.
If there is one 2014 resolution I hope the media makes good on, it's a vow to describe female scientists with words that fairly and respectfully convey the extent of their accomplishments. An example at the end of 2013 illustrates why.
"Humanity inspires me, because despite the hardships people undergo, and the enormous injustices we as a society face, people
I realized I can help by sharing my experiences visiting middle school classrooms, writing lesson plans and taking part in activities specifically targeted at getting girls interested in STEM. I thought I would put together my top five pieces of advice for scientists visiting K-12 classrooms.
Have you ever noticed how girls' toys are mostly static? Dolls, kitchen sets and stuffed animals don't demonstrate concepts of forces, momentum, cause and effect, control, friction, balance and inertia.