female vets

After 14 years in the Army, Asha Castleberry is fighting an even longer battle on the home front.
To celebrate and honor all servicemembers, past and present, this Veterans Day.
One of the many challenges of being a woman in the Army was that your hair always had to be in regulations: either cut into a bob that did not touch your collar or pulled back into a tight bun. Even in a sand storm, even under a Velcro-strapped Kevlar helmet, perfection was required.
America's two million female veterans are looking toward the future, and many are improving their employment opportunities by enrolling in courses. What issues do women veterans confront when they return to school?
As the media pays more attention to the invisible scars soldiers can bring home from service, a common picture has emerged
The GOP's proposed budget cut will not only slash women veterans' and victims of violence chances of getting a job, but it will also put more pressure on nonprofits like mine.
Marshall said, "We need people who have a heart and can care." Support the Jubilee House here or find ways to volunteer with
WASHINGTON -- Women veterans are more likely to be critical of the U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan than their male
Here's how you can get involved: NOV 11th 3-4PM - Operation Recovery: Women in the Military speak out at Marygrove College
On a good day, Keri Christensen spends the day watching her children. She prepares their meals, gets them ready for school