Female vote

If I hear about Hillary Clinton's "flaws" from Democrats one more time, they can try winning the next election without women
If it's Romney and Bush for the Republicans two years from now, it's quite possible that even some atheist liberals will be thanking their flying spaghetti monster in the cosmos for such good fortune.
Latinas have always been a powerful force, but the 2012 elections demonstrated to the rest of the country our capacity to alter the course of an election and American history. The message remains clear: Latinas are watching, and we do vote.
Fox News didn't have a lot of positive ways to spin Mitt Romney's crushing loss to Barack Obama, but there were certainly
In this election year, women are being thrust into the political debate and openly attacked as if we were a single hot-button issue like gun rights or fracking.
It's barely two months old, but 2012 has already been incredibly interesting -- and specifically, interesting for women. Now, more than ever before, women are positioned to be a hugely decisive engine of political power.
Hillary had worked so hard to build up an impenetrable wall of toughness around herself that she was afraid that a spread in Vogue would bring that crumbling down around her.
Exit polls from the Democratic primary show an electorate still divided by race and gender - the former remains a wide gap