female voters

A straight white man "fighting for the rights of women" will never, ever mean as much as a woman earning the opportunity to fight for the rights of women, the opportunity to lead both men and women, and the opportunity to run the country.
A century ago, instead of debating the merits of a female candidate, women were fighting for suffrage itself.
Or "wooed" or turned into "fawning putty" or made to "coo"...
The GOP frontrunner has a serious gender problem.
The win for Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire isn't only enormous in terms of momentum, it undermines the foundation of Hillary Clinton's campaign. NBC News reports 55% of female voters in New Hampshire chose Bernie Sanders, while 44% voted for Clinton. As potentially the first female president, Clinton still lost the women's vote to Sanders.
Hillary Clinton finds it "amazing" that Iowa young female voters preferred Bernie Sanders. It's a bitter pill to for Secretary Clinton. But beyond the matter of personal choice, there are some reasons that are both natural and inevitable in our society.
Twitter has recently added the ability to create polls in its latest update and I have taken full advantage of this new feature by fully engaging the public on both current events and some of the greater dilemmas of our time.
If it's Romney and Bush for the Republicans two years from now, it's quite possible that even some atheist liberals will be thanking their flying spaghetti monster in the cosmos for such good fortune.