The nation is split over whether the term “femicide” — the killing of women because they’re women — should be added to the penal code.
Thousands of women protested Mexico’s rampant femicide after a 19-year-old was found murdered by her cab driver.
The death of Lucía is shocking for various reasons. The first is how the perpetrators treated her body. The crime was heinous: she died after being tortured even beyond rape.
Legacy? In this world, women's voices are so questioned and dismissed and I want to contribute to changing that. Kimberly's
Armstrong points out some of the worst to suffer are the thousands of children who have lost one or both parents to domestic violence.  Even worse, many have witnessed the violent deaths of one or both of their parents. Left orphaned, many end up in the custody of the state and in foster homes.
There's a prominent movement happening right now based out of Argentina, where radio journalist Marcela Ojeda, fed up with the number of femicide stories landing on her desk, organized a call to arms. She tweeted "They're killing us," with a hashtag: #NiUnaMenos - not one less.
Victims of femicide frequently have a long history of domestic violence and the killers are often the victims' current or
On March 9 Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff signed a new law that criminalizes femicide, the gender-motivated killing of women, and sets tougher penalties for those responsible for such crimes.
Andalusia Knoll joins Alyona to reveal how corruption encourages the cycle of femicide in Mexico.
Just beyond the pitch, the international sport of soccer is being used to reverse the epidemic of inequality and violence against women and girls.
Women have been working to stop these crimes against girls for years. But until men stop providing the client base for child porn and child sex tourism and child brides, nothing will change. And millions more girls will be lost forever.
"Efforts have been made by the [Italian] Government to address the issue of violence against women, including through the
Violence is a cycle, and it perpetuates itself. It is not only our generation, but our daughters and granddaughters who will suffer if we do not stand up and call a halt to this epidemic. By doing nothing, we jeopardize their future.
The rapid population growth and the burgeoning transient and migrant population have made it difficult for the city to create the proper infrastructure and social services to meet the needs of the people. Is it too much to ask that corporations do more to protect their employees and help solve these crimes?
But the human toll of the Drug War lies far beyond the U.S.-Mexico border, spreading across the entire Western Hemisphere
Because of gender bias and sex discrimination, there are an estimated 160,000,000 girls and women missing from the planet today. This isn't man-bashing or "victim feminism." It's just a documented statement of fact. By virtually any measure, this is dystopian.