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Poor women and girls often miss out of school, work and other opportunities because they can't afford menstrual hygiene products.
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In this community, teenage girls sometimes have to miss school because their families cannot afford feminine hygiene products.
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“These products are not luxuries, they are necessities, and should be treated as such.”
Yet women shouldn't accept this idea that they are doomed to be swindled in the consumer marketplace, or that big government
In "Men Explain Tampons" from Facts., men awkwardly inspect women's sanitary products, everything from tampons to sanitary
Shopping for feminine products shouldn't include commentary.
Turns out it was a Kleenex -- and the celeb shut down her haters in the best way ever.
Guys, do you know what a "Diva Cup" looks like? Likely not. But don't feel bad, most guys probably don't. College Humor had
The Always campaign is one of many from feminine care and beauty companies in recent years to use concepts more relatable
As terrifying, inconvenient and annoying as my experience with menorrhagia was, I was lucky. I had easy access to clean and functioning bathrooms and proper menstrual hygiene products. Countless women and girls cannot say the same.
3. A quote about, you know, women's health? Or at least something relevant. 1. A diagram of female anatomy -- just in case
In my opinion, feminine hygiene products can be likened to a "ticking time bomb" due to years of exposure. The average American woman uses 16,800 tampons in her lifetime -- or up to 24,360 if she's on estrogen replacement therapy.
Apparently it has somehow become popular in the United States over the last several days to itemize up the costs of feminine