A mis 17 años aborté, en un país donde el aborto, era y sigue siendo ilegal, mi abuela estaba a mi lado, esa noche me agarraba
For most of my youngest years, my mom cleaned wealthy people's homes and offices so they didn't have to -- so they could focus on their own families and their own careers. Intelligent and talented women of color, like my mother, make up nearly one third of the nation's workforce, but when compared to white women, they are twice as likely to be employed in lower-wage sectors.
I'm too apologetic. I've known this for a while. I basically apologize for existing. Yet the realization has become clearer recently where I've begun to notice that it goes beyond constantly saying "I'm sorry."
For Chehalis Hegner, an American photographer who fell upon a Playboy photo shoot on her family-farm in Halo Hills, Illinois when she was a child, the shock of that encounter remains defining and has informed much of her work.
We have to stop being scared to talk to each other frankly about how our cultures do sex differently and why. And if we're not prepared to get our feelings hurt or our intentions misunderstood in the process, I fear we'll miss out on each other's insights.