She's here, she's a femme queer and now she's a senator. Get used to it.
By shopping at queer-owned businesses, you can both support the LGBTQ community and cross gifts off your holiday list.
"I just want people to feel good in their bodies — because we deserve it."
"Femme is a way for me to signal both my womanhood and my queerness, however subtly, in a society that consistently tries to strip me of both."
Finally allowing myself to try to be femme makes me feel safe and free in a way I cannot even explain.
Sometimes I get really lucky and catch an artist when their work is transforming. That was certainly the case when I asked artist, Brian Kenny, for an interview.
But I gave it some more time, and there were pieces that really spoke to me, about creation myths and disassembling the systems
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As long as this statistic is being touted as a scientifically proven fact, we have a problem. It is daily espousing a condescending correlation between lesbian identity and unhealthy weight. This notion is and will continue to affect the physical and emotional well-being of many a queer girl, both young and old.
We have lesbian drama, car chases, violence and hot girls -- all set to music.
Our young country is in dire need of a massive paradigm shift. Until we remove the corporations from the electoral system and the political process we will remain their unwitting slaves as they continue to cash in on mother earth and all of her resources.
We had talked about language not long after we got engaged, but hadn't come to any conclusions. I didn't like referring to myself as the "bride" because that has very girly/feminine connotations to it for me.
Don't know what a chapstick lesbian is? A stem? Gender Queer? You're not alone. Terms to identify how "butch" or "femme" someone
On this Mother's day, I thought it appropriate to share a story about me and my daughter. Here goes!