feng shui

Avoid having your desk face a wall as this is said to promote stagnant energy.
Those of us who are yogis, monks, practice meditation or prayer in groups or when alone, understand the benefits of mindfulness
Most of us are obsessed with the idea of having a beautiful, relaxing home, and we usually want to begin the quest for good
Feng shui practitioners believe the ancient Chinese art plays a role in everything we do, from helping us feel balanced and happy in our daily lives to changing how the energy circulates in our homes. But there's more to achieving good feng shui than just furniture placement. Color feng shui, specifically, focuses on how color adds to the practice of feng shui.
Feng shui seeks to promote prosperity, good health, and general well-being by examining how energy, qi, (pronounced "chee
The priests devised special tools whereby they ascertained various forces at work in a given space, and after numerous calculations
The more curious and mindful you are about why the clutter is there, the more you can change the habits that got you cluttered in the first place. But once you are done with all the action, then you lean into everyday life and keeping things uncluttered becomes the mindful practice.
With spring cleaning, many people may find that they surround themselves with furniture where there is really a need for
Whether you are looking to create a home base that is conducive to relaxation and ease or you are interested in decorating a home office that sparks imagination and abundance, these tips can help you organize a space that is just right for you. 
Translated as "wind-water," the three major concepts of Feng Shui are the flow of energy, the balance of yin and yang and
A new study from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, found that those at risk for hoarding are more likely to have serious complaints about sleep. The new findings were presented at Sleep 2015, the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies.
Art is all around us and as significant to comprehend as the mechanics of structure. Each building, road or functional tool has elements of aesthetic design to some degree or another.
One of the more rewarding aspects of working with people is in witnessing their growth. Certainly parents, educators, medical professionals, religious leaders and coaches experience this gift in their work, as well.
When it comes to decorating the bedroom, there's one consideration that should outweigh all others: Can you actually sleep in there? Good design takes your breath away, while still letting you breathe a sigh of relief when you tuck in for a good night's sleep.
And if science says it, that means it's true.
Taking stock of how you move through life and truly understanding it is a great first step to self-knowledge. Once the work of your own movement is complete, then you can begin understanding how you relate to others.
My writing room is six feet wide by seven feet long. I know the dimensions exactly because every week or so, I decide I can't possibly work another minute in here without changing the space.
I had just started 7th grade when I told my dad, "I'm tired of the gel I use. I want a gel that looks matte." My father encouraged me to create a product for the haircare line he and my mom have. But, honestly? I wanted my own line.