San Francisco's DA says prosecutors are having trouble with defendants who claim to be victims of human trafficking, but it’s hard to find many instances where that's happened.
"His most recent batch of cocaine had likely been spiked with fentanyl .... Fearing for his life, I quickly booked a ticket."
Twitter pounced on the GOP physician's "idiocy" in discussing the drug at the Conservative Political Action conference.
Doug Griffin, a Republican, said the lawmaker "crossed the line" as Joe Biden told Griffin's late daughter's story in his State of the Union speech.
The president’s State of the Union speech will highlight new plans to combat cancer and fentanyl abuse.
Terese White used her position as a flight attendant to attempt to bypass a stronger security screening at San Diego International Airport.
The late-night host mocks the "heroes" of the right-wing network after another phony panic falls short.
Lawyers representing Roxie Washington accused the rapper, known legally as Ye, of spreading “malicious falsehoods" about Floyd's murder.
Can pumpkins eye roll? Fox News wants to ban Halloween because of course it does.
The conservative network gets called out for launching a war on a beloved holiday.