Fenway Park

If you're planning to visit Beantown, don't make these errors on your trip.
Because of the pandemic, opening day had already been delayed from March 26 to July 23 or 24.
Former Boston star details the notoriously ugly behavior by some of the team's fans.
He got a standing ovation in the same stadium where his Hall of Fame grandfather thrilled fans for 23 seasons.
The Red Sox player, known as Big Papi, was ambushed by a gunman at a bar in his native Dominican Republic.
Prior to the World Series, Ryu had only seen Fenway Park from his TV screen.
Security guards confiscated the sign within a matter of minutes.
The team's current leadership is "still haunted" by the racist legacy of the owner Jackie Robinson called "the most bigoted man in baseball."
Even Springsteen stops the show after three hours.