ferguson arrests

The Huffington Post condemns the charges filed by St. Louis County against our Justice reporter, Ryan J. Reilly, while covering
There have been protests in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and other cities decrying Monday's grand jury
The arrest of the D.C.-based journalist, Trey Yingst of News2Share, took place down the street from the police station, where
Last Monday I was arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, along with dozens of other clergy, seminarians, and people of many faith traditions. As a white, middle-aged, married, mother of three and a rule-abiding Presbyterian, this was a new experience for me.
"We see this as an attempt to break down peaceful protests and to tamp down the voices of these who are lawfully assembled
"I got bruises and lacerations, but I don't care about that because an officer spit in my face. That's just inhumane. It's
Police applied the rule to everyone, from protesters and journalists, to children and a 73-year-old woman. Even during daylight
Below are some of the individuals arrested during the Ferguson protests. The Huffington Post conducted the interviews unless
In a culture where the 24/7 news cycle dissects events and often fills the information void with opinion, the topic of police
Protesters, however, continued to gather outside the McDonald's. Shortly after 5 p.m., officers told them to move to an empty
Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson ordered the arrests of Financial Times reporter Neil Munshi, Telegraph foreign
Frank posted a video of the arrests on YouTube. Peinado is the woman in denim shirt who gets out of the car, and Lee is shown