Ferguson Police Department

The agreement between DOJ and the St. Louis suburb requires an overhaul of their law enforcement agency and municipal court system.
The Justice Department is suing Michael Brown's hometown after the city refused to accept a deal that would have reformed its mostly white police department.
Officers in the majority-black city's overwhelmingly white police department could also get big pay raises.
The agreement would force the city to eliminate certain laws and stop policing for profit.
Civil rights lawyers say the feds need to go after local officials who violate constitutional rights and "trample the law with impunity."
Authorities say 18-year-old Amonderez Green shot himself, but witnesses disagree.
"Any injury or damage sustained by Plaintiffs was sustained as the direct and proximate result of Plaintiffs' own criminal
City officials in Ferguson, Missouri, are defending the arrest of an observer who was filming an arrest during a protest
Mary Ann Twitty, the former top clerk in Ferguson, Missouri’s municipal court who was fired for sending racist emails revealed
FERGUSON, Mo. -- Voters showed up at polling places in record numbers for a municipal election in this St. Louis suburb on
Knowles told The Huffington Post that he found many aspects of the report, which focused on Ferguson's police department
The creation of the National Crime and Justice Task Force will be a step in the right direction to ensure that the United States government does more to protect human rights nationwide and ensures that policing policies are in line with international human rights standards.
As the manhunt for the perpetrator/s who critically wounded the officers ensues, residents and police enforcement are forced
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon traveled to the city, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the St. Louis County Police Department