ferguson report

"When people do not have equal opportunity to thrive, the entire region pays a price."
When Michael Brown was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., last August, his death set off riots and violence — and
"The residents of this community are going to have to make the decision of what they want the police to look like in this
Funding for school policing programs has expanded and more school-based police are being armed with the same weapons cops carry on the streets. This expansion has not come with significant strings attached or proper guidelines.
The death of 18-year-old Michael Brown last August ignited protest over issues of race and police brutality that has rocked
The Department of Justice's 102-page report is a rich source of damning facts about the Ferguson criminal justice system. But tucked halfway in and passed over quickly is a truly revelatory set of figures: the arrest warrant data for the Ferguson Municipal Court.
"I have done everything in my power to work with countless groups to bring about positive change and strengthen our community
Overall, white Americans believe that discrimination against whites (i.e., "reverse racism") is a more prevalent phenomenon than the racial discrimination African Americans face. That's why the Justice Department's investigation of the police department and the municipal court system in Ferguson, Missouri, is so important.
Though they make up just 24 percent of Boston's population, blacks were subjected to 63 percent of police-civilian encounters
Fifty years later, that bridge -- and that goal -- still remain, reminding us that the fight for equality for African-Americans