"The eye in the octopus is a perfect entrée to the notion of a sophisticated suite of neural function and behaviors that in many ways seem to converge in nature and complexity on those of vertebrates."
With Internet content increasingly about video, about meaningful signaling - i.e., semiosis -- I thought it might be time to ring up Kalevi Kull, a theoretical biologist in Estonia at the University of Tartu's Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics to talk about developments.
Using a very sophisticated camera containing 570 million pixels, scientists imaged distant galaxies, looking for tiny distortions in the galaxies' shapes. This distortion is caused by a phenomenon called gravitational lensing.
Beginning in just a few days, physicists working at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland will start commissioning the largest and most powerful particle accelerator ever built -- the Large Hadron Collider or LHC.
The prospect of making a discovery that would not only defy common sense but also overturn centuries of scientific thinking
See all Talk Nerdy to Me posts. "The question is a little hard to answer as you have put it, since fundamental particles
What’s the smallest thing in the universe? It's complicated. After all, fundamental particles are what physicists call the most basic building blocks of matter, and they are so minuscule that no current technology, nor technology we can even imagine, can detect their size. But if the universe's smallest particles are that small, how do scientists know so much about them -- or do they? To find the answers, HuffPost Science's Jacqueline Howard visits the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.
The new particle mass will allow scientists to test the mathematics of quantum connections among the top quark, the Higgs
The two experiments smashed a beam of protons and anti-protons into one another, producing a soup of other particles. Because
The 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment, or PISA, results are in, and there's some really good news for those that worry about the U.S. becoming a nation of brainy elitists.
It is the height of irony that at the same time the SSC perished, the community of academic economists was finally comprehending, in detail, what actually causes economies to grow and prosper.
But these accelerators are limited by the voltage that can be applied before they suffer electrical breakdown. Now, researchers
So, we knew the RHIC was very large, and that it was set somewhat apart from the main laboratory campus, but neither of us
The Muon g-2 storage ring, in its current location at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. The slow and circuitous
Another unanswered mystery is called the hierarchy problem. Gravity is 10^32 times weaker than the weak nuclear force, which
"It's almost like nature's trying to hide it," he said. "We'd been closing in at lower masses and higher masses. This was
I imagine an international physics symposium must be rather like Lord of the Flies, only very clean and with laptops and accents. Here's something no one in a white coat will say outright, "Of course we didn't really find anything." But they didn't. They can't.
Imagine being part of the discovery of something that potentially cracks the code to the origins of the universe by understanding the structure of matter.
As our nation's leadership in scientific and technological innovation is challenged as never before, federal funding of basic scientific research remains essential, but that research should be potentially transformational.
The research behind this discovery may also prove an important step down the path to finding the more elusive Higgs boson