We've been told our consumption of meat is destroying the environment. But the real issue is meat production, not meat itself. Regenerative farming could be the answer.
Urine typically contains high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus- the two plant nutrients in highest demand. In fact
More than 6 million people in Kenya defecate in the open.
Ezeokoli Ogechukwu Chinenye, Teens Entrepreneurship Club, Ogun, Nigeria. Teenagers from low-income communities are afforded
Creating a healthier, more sustainable food system doesn't mean we should shun science. Better communication, more information
This idea is part of the evolving science of precision agriculture, in which farmers use technology to target their use of water, fertilizer and other inputs. Precision farming makes agriculture more sustainable because it reduces waste.
Make gardening buddies. It's one thing to take a chance with a couple of tomato plants, but to see what really works, consult
While fertilizers are a vitally important way to maintain healthy soils, the topic has remained a polemical issue. Are mineral or organic fertilizers better for the environment? What is even the difference between the two?
The Danish are donating urine to produce beer at the Roskilde festival.