festival fashion

Post-apocalyptic Victorian Clown Colorado designer Xavia uses recycled materials and salvaged cotton to construct her garments
Dragon Warrior This outfit was created to unleash your inner warrior - that is, your dragonesque, futuristic warrior of course
After countless hours of scouring the web, I've compiled a list of fashionable pieces, perfect for the playa. While some think of their Burning Man wardrobe as costumes, I'd like to think of the outfits I've curated as an extension of my true style aesthetic.
Members of the band R5 in button downs & shorts Artist Alexander DeLeon in ripped jeans Over the years, whether you like
Everybody who's anybody, and everybody who is nobody, grabs their best rags and transforms into a hippie for a weekend.
The family festival requires clothes that can be barfed on, bottoms that won't show your ladyparts on the scrambler, a bag that can hold sippy cups and shoes that give you the ability to move quickly through crowds chasing runners.
Here's my list of fun ways to dress for summer music festivals.
I'm planning my trip to Coachella Music Festival right now -- and my dressing room could be a trailer from 1970's Woodstock. The floor is strewn with paisley prints, tasseled-scarves, Aztec-inspired woven clutches and wide-brim hats. So here are the items I've decided to pack.
Last weekend I was thrown into a fresh new hell. I'm in my late 30s. On my way to a music festival in my 20s I would have thought about my three-day-wardrobe for weeks. In my late 30s with three kids to look after, it only occurred to me as I was packing.