"This year’s pole is shorter, a shout-out to Donald’s tiny hands."
This week's "Only in Illinois" offers a look at the holiday offerings in the state's grandest building. It comes with greetings from all of us at Reboot Illinois that whatever you celebrate this time of year, we hope you do it with people you love.
It's a Festivus for the rest of us -- who aren't the presidential hopeful, that is.
Festivus, which takes place on Dec. 23, is a holiday born from a 1997 episode of "Seinfeld," centered around a pole and a
In my home, Festivus has become a holiday fixture. We view the day as a little oasis of fun amid the holiday hubbub. In case you are considering a Festivus celebration, here are four Festivus lessons that may either persuade or dissuade you.
But since Festivus is always Dec. 23 -- and a growing number of people are celebrating it for real -- it sounds like the
Holidays can be hard enough as it is, but sometimes a person perpetrates an act so uncaring and thoughtless, so blatant in its disregard for his fellow humans, that it leaves one in a state of crestfallen despair.
Studies show that the more you toot your own horn, the more negatively you're evaluated: Self-promoters are not only less liked, but also earn lower salaries and fewer promotions. Bragging about yourself violates norms of modesty and politeness -- and if you were really competent, your work would speak for itself.
Happy Festivus! This holiday, made famous by the show about nothing, Seinfeld, is a non-religious alternative to the other holidays this time of year. Forget Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.
The aluminum pole has been dragged out of the crawl space for the second annual HuffPost Sports Festivus celebration. Holding