fetal macrosomia

H/T USA Today The baby girl's name is Mia Yasmin Garcia, and she joins four older sisters -- Britney Gonzalez, Ximena Hernandez
[S]uspecting that a baby is macrosomic (large) is not an indication to induce or deliver by cesarean before 39 weeks. Early
The Cessna family, from Armstrong County, Penn., is celebrating the birth of Addyson Gale Cessna, who arrived at 13 pounds, 12 ounces and more than two feet tall.
In March of this year, George King, a British baby, became the U.K.'s second largest infant to have ever been delivered vaginally
"He's a little miracle. Well, big miracle, really."
Biggers babies might look cute, she said, but the trend is dangerous for two reasons: Large babies are harder to deliver