fetal tissue

The probe will likely revive the controversy over fetal tissue transfers, which was sparked by debunked videos released by the anti-abortion group in 2015.
New documents show abortion providers are "selling baby parts." Are they real? Who knows.
The court papers said the pair unlawfully used a fake government record "with the intent to defraud or harm others."
"What he did is domestic terrorism, and what he is did is absolutely abominable."
Just after President Obama took office, a Department of Homeland Security report recognized that the combination of a tanking economy together with the election of America's first African-American president might trigger right-wing violence. The report was later withdrawn, given the headwinds of conservative criticism.
The most legitimate use of fetal tissue is to establish cell lines used in vaccine production, but precious little raw stock (so to speak) is needed for that.
It's a shame the Gazette didn't publish the piece, especially because the anti-Planned Parenthood view dominates the commentary page's official content. And, god knows, the folks in Colorado Springs should hear the other side's opinions too.
He has since slammed Planned Parenthood over its link to the same research.
Vaccines have been one of the best things to come out of fetal tissue research.
Frank makes no mention that he talked to any entity that might have given him Planned Parenthood's perspective -- and he writes as if he may not have even reviewed the unedited version of the Center for Medical Progress' video.