fetal tissue research

Anti-abortion groups applaud, but scientists warn it will interfere with progress on conditions like HIV and Zika infections.
New documents show abortion providers are "selling baby parts." Are they real? Who knows.
All this does not persuade Woods or Neville, whose fetal-tissue amendment is expected to be deleted from the budget bill
Republicans have subpoenaed the names of doctors, researchers and medical students involved in abortion and fetal tissue research.
Deadly, debilitating diseases don't care if you're liberal or conservative. The hyper-politicization of biomedical research threatens future life-saving medical advancements.
So here's my dare to Carly Fiorina. I dare you to watch images of countless kids who suffered from polio not that many years ago, or people today suffering from Ebola, Parkinson's disease, or the other afflictions listed above.
As this story has unfolded I have been thinking about the Reagans, Ron and Nancy. It was President Ronald Reagan who first turned an important scientific pursuit into a political issue (masquerading as a moral crusade).
We're going to begin today with a wrapup of the week that was in the presidential campaigns, and as befitting his status as the Republican frontrunner, we're going to start with Donald Trump.
Probes in Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts and South Dakota have uncovered no evidence of wrongdoing.
Planned Parenthood has become the battered scapegoat, bullied by a Senate that historically and profoundly excludes women. Lost in the politicking over this issue is the bravery and courage of women who agreed to be donors. Without them, the vaccines and medicines on which all Americans rely might not exist.